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My name is Jessah, but you can call me Jes. I am always meeting new and amazing people and learning everything about themSo here are a few fun things about myself for you.

– fun facts –

My husbands name is Ryan and we are high school sweethearts from back in the day.

Ryan (the hubba hubby) is also the super talented second photographer at PBJ.

We were married in 2001 and now have 3 gorgeous daughters.

Our daughters are Abby, age 12 | Sophie, age 11 | Ellie, age 7

Creativity runs rampant in my family. I grew up painting, crafting, sewing and re-purposing with my Mom & Grandma.

I absolutely LOVE cheeseburgers and salsa!

I would like to consider myself organized but always procrastinate when it comes to washing dishes and cleaning the microwave.

I have an obsession with old furniture, which was given to me by my mom, who is an upholsterer. I always have some new piece traveling in my vehicle, along with DVD cases, markers & empty water bottles.

I am fortunate to be supported by our families and surrounded by the best friends a girl could ask for. They are always there to lend a hand, carry all my stuff and join me for late night brainstorming session or gigantic craft projects.

When we find time to get away from it all our happy place is the mountains. The wind swaying through tall evergreen trees, the smell of fresh mountain air and the sound of pine needles crunching beneath my feet is pure heaven.

Photography by Jes is more than a business to me. Photographs and family history have always played a huge part of my childhood and early memories. I encourage all my clients to print-print-print!! My favorite images are those of my grandparents as children and young adults.

This is my dream! I can’t wait to create your family history for you.

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