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1 Category:Taiwanese variety television shows Category:2007 Taiwanese television series debuts Category:2007 Taiwanese television series endings Category:TVN (Taiwan) shows Category:Films with screenplays by Niki TeoThursday, July 18, 2010 Twin Peaks is back on the air and I am watching! I will do as many posts as I can with the small amount of time that I have between now and September. One of those posts will be about the TV shows I'm watching. I am slowly moving back into regular shows since the 1st series ended. With the help of Netflix and Hulu, I am catching up on things like the new season of the Office. It was great to see everyone again and was nice to get to know a little about the new members of the team. I think the show is funny even though they don't laugh out loud like they used to. It's pretty much just a boring office now. I think they were joking about the carpet being so new and how it was softer than the last one, but it's not a comfortable office in the least. Then there is the new show, Breaking Bad. I have seen the entire first season and it has been fantastic. The acting, writing and even the directing is superb. I wish the first season ended a little differently, but overall it's pretty much just fantastic. I am totally hooked. I've also seen the beginning of the second season which will be available on Netflix and I really look forward to seeing it as I'm sure it will be amazing as well. Then there is also the new show, Lost. It's been pretty good so far. I'm not a fan of the older, castaways show (The Wire) and thought the new show was going to be just like that but it's not. I'm not sure I understand it completely yet, but I am enjoying the show nonetheless. I was also looking for a new show to watch on Netflix and found a great program called Orange is the New Black. I couldn't find the entire first season online but found that it was available for download on Netflix for free. I watched it on my computer and enjoyed it immensely. It's probably what I would have done before the prison term if I had a chance to go into prison for a long time. I would have chosen a show similar to this and it seems that I was right. I can't wait for season 2 to


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