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Pepperettes - A history of service, kindness and the Winter Dance.

In 2018 our eldest was in the 8th grade. Meet the teach night at her new school was coming up and one of my best friends called me and said, "Make sure you sign her up for Pepperrettes!". I had no clue what she was talking about, but we found the Pepperette table that night and signed up! Looking back, I am so glad my friend called me! Our eldest served as an 8th grade Representative and as the 9th grade President. Our middle daughter served as an 8th grade Representative and the 9th grade Historian, and now our youngest is currently serving as an 8th grade Representative. You can safely say we are all in. My girls as 8th Grade Representatives (please note the rath I may suffer for including these images)

Pepperettes began over 80 years ago as a social club with exclusive membership, but throughout the years it has evolved into a service club that benefits our local community. Membership is open to all 8th & 9th grade girls.

We discovered a great social service group that helps push young women out of their comfort zones with volunteer opportunities, introduction to new peers and lessons in leadership through action. The 2023/2024 Pepperrette Chapter just held their annual Winter Dance fundraiser at City Central this past weekend. Proceeds from the dance are donated to various local organizations in our community. Of course Photography by Jes was there with camera in tow to capture all the fun and memories.

2023/2024 9th grade Officers & 8th grade Representatives.

As a parent of young women and someone who is involved with our community's youth, this is an excellent program and I highly recommend becoming a Pepperette. Follow them on Facebook to see all of their service activities and to learn more! BTS -  our 8th grade Pepperette Initiation Picnic through our years

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