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Senior Team 2025

Are you ready to make this last year

unforgettable, to meet new people, build new skills and find your self confidence?

Then you are meant to REPRESENT the

Class of 2025!

 Our Senior Team is a once in a lifetime experience with an Alumni of 216 graduating seniors from over 7 school districts! We adore our seniors at Photography by Jes and can’t wait for you to be part of PBJ Senior Team 2025!!

We want you on our Team! 


What is a Senior Photo Team? This is a common question for our new Senior parents.  Our program truly makes your Senior Year unforgettable. Seniors meet new people, build new skills and find tons of self-confidence. PBJ Seniors experience new artistic concepts, visit historical sites for photoshoots, volunteer, and experience a freedom of creativity and personal expression. Our 216 Alumni members rave about their photoshoots and have built confidence while pushing themselves into new situations.  Plus, our photoshoots are over top and one of a kind!

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

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