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Beginnings of a Princess Portrait

Updated: Feb 4

Those familiar with my business know we have 3 daughters that consume our world and our hearts. The Ponca City Father Daughter Dance has always been a very important and anticipated time of year in our home. Year after year we would shop for the perfect dresses, shoes and crowns. My husband, bless him, attended multiple sessions each year. He made sure each of our girls danced with their friends, ate delicious cookies and had their photo taken. When Photography by Jes was invited to take over the Father Daughter Dance portraits, the idea hit me. Each year we enjoyed the build up of getting ready and I wanted to capture that feeling!

Thus the Princess Portrait began. I dreamt up lavish set designs to showcase how special our girls felt on that special day. So not only would they have a beautiful image of them with their dad, but one of themselves in all their preciousness!

Tonight is the 19th Annual Ponca City Father Daughter Dance and we look forward to seeing all the fathers and daughters. Our girls are now too old to attend but they are with me, behind the camera, ensuring each princess has the best night ever! The best night ever, just like their dad always gave to them.

2024 Volunteers: Sophie, Luke, Leryn, Abby, Paetyn, Mallory, Ellie, Kenzie & Brayden

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