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Let's talk Letterman Jackets

One of our favorite accessories for senior portraits is the classic letterman jacket.  They can be showcased in so many ways and add a personal touch. 

Letterman jackets offer a lot of visual texture and capture the nostalgia of senior portraits.  The letterman jacket has been around since your grandparents were in high school and it’s a tradition we love capturing.  

Letterman jackets are made of wool and wool loves to collect everything! We have 6 simple tips to ensure that your letterman jacket is picture ready.


1.       Remove any pilling. This is my top request as your senior portrait photographer. Our professional equipment captures every detail and pilling is very noticeable.

2.       Use a lint roller before and during your photo session. Stray hairs & fuzz catch the light and really stick out.

3.       Clip any strings and tags. Letterman jacket tags can be found inside the front pocket and can stick out during portraits.

4.       Make sure your letterman jacket is clean.

5.       Take the time to have all your patches sewn on and to attach pins before your portrait date.

6.       Once your letterman jacket is clean keep it covered with a garment bag or a large plastic bag, such as a trash bag, to ensure it stays tidy before portraits.

Taking the time to complete these 6 simple steps will help produce crisp, clean and iconic senior portraits. We look forward to seeing you and your letterman jacket on picture day!

To book a senior portrait session please call or text Photography by Jes at 580.716.6344 or

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